Artist Spotlight: On-The-Go



On-The-Go is indie-pop band originated in Togliatti back in 2008, now based in Moscow since 2010. The band composed by Russian musicians, are influenced by western music in terms of the performance and record quality. On-The-Go music “is a mesmerizing combination of local background, quest for the new sound and Russian authentic melodies backed by refined arrangements, thought-out sound and distinctive lyrics written by band leader Yura Makarychev.”

For the record, please state your name and your role in the band
Yura: My name is Yura Makarychev and I’m considered to be a pack leader. I also do most of the vocals, play some percussions and co-write songs for the band.
Dima: My name is Dima Midborn. I play bass and occasionally co-write the lyrics for the band. 

How did you come up with your band name?
Yura: I just borrowed it from the iPod menu. I used my first iPod a lot and that word just popped up automatically when it was time to choose the name

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